Mitigate Flooding

The devastation after Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 continues to be felt today. We cannot prevent hurricanes, but we can mitigate the impacts  caused by flooding.

I will address and improve the storm drainage system’s capability to handle sheet flow.

I will ensure the structural integrity of the levees and the speed in which water is released.

I will ensure residents are given full notice prior to flood gates being opened.

I will address the need for a third detention area.

Jobs and Economy

President Trump’s tax cuts have provided economic relief to the lower and middle class.

The Trump Administration’s focus on apprenticeships and job-training is putting more Americans back to work.  I will support the same measures on our local level to increase employment and strengthen the local economy.

I will continue cutting the unnecessary and cumbersome regulations that prevent businesses from expanding and growing. jobs.

Trump’s Tax Cuts delivered for U.S. Workers

  • 7% increase in nominal wages for the lowest 10% of American workers
  • 9% growth rate for those without a high-school diploma
  • $6,000 increase in real disposable personal income per household


Educational standards everywhere in the US are slipping. Money is being inefficiently allocated and is not solving the problems of increased dropout rate and illiteracy.

Federal Education policy should reward competition, not punish it, and create an incentive for schools to pursue improvement. 

Parents must be given back control over their child’s education and I will serve to remove the indoctrination tentacles of the federal government.

I will insist on more accountability and transparency concerning education funding at all levels of government and aim for the crucial teachings of our nation’s history, heroes, and system of governance.  We are a Christian nation and those Judeo-Christian principles should be made known to our youth.

Energy and Environment

My district is known as the “Energy Capitol of the World” and much thanks to the efforts of President Donald Trump and businessmen and women in the Energy Corridor, America is now the number one oil and gas exporter in the world.

I will fight for energy producers in America and stand with Trump in cutting regulations on the oil and gas industry.  I’ll fight overreaching federal regulations that stifle growth and prevent our Oil and Gas industry from creating jobs.

Taxing the success of American business is not a viable solution. I’ll stand with President Trump in holding our allies accountable to realistic, effective environmental standards.

I’ll support innovation in the energy industry to expand productivity and drive down energy costs to the consumer. 


We need leaders that will support our President’s efforts to lower healthcare costs by eliminating the regulations that stifle competition and more affordable options. 

We must improve the environment in which our medical professionals work every day. I will improve healthcare reimbursements by cutting interference from both the government and insurance companies.

I will support the President’s aggressive efforts in battling the opioid crisis.

I will continue fighting to protect the sacred doctor-patient relationship, and the freedom of Americans to choose their healthcare providers.


I will stand with the President’s objective in demanding immigration policy that protects our national interests, first and foremost.  I will support the completion of the Border Wall system in order to combat the rampant illegal immigration that jeopardizes and permanently separates American families.  

I will support a merit-based system, putting an end to chain-immigration and the visa lottery system. 

I will support local law enforcements’ ability to communicate freely and work with Federal Law enforcement by eliminating the dangerous and unlawful sanctuary city policies.

Our law enforcement agencies must be enabled to combat terrorism and lawlessness, and receive full Congressional support to keep Americans safe.

Law and Public Safety

I stand with law enforcement and will fight to ensure they are prepared and well-resourced for an increasingly lawless world. 

Our president – Donald Trump – has made historic strides in supporting our men and women in blue. I will fully support a lawful nation and repel policies that seek to demonize law enforcement.

I’ll be a partner to law enforcement in their enforcement of Federal Immigration Policy and will stand against the Far Left’s attempts to close ICE. 


Foreign Policy

I will support a foreign policy that puts America first and doesn’t apologize to our enemies for doing so. 

I stand with Israel, our prime ally in the Middle East region, and will fight for their sovereignty. 

I will support our President’s agenda in preventing unstable international actors, such as Iran and North Korean, from developing nuclear capabilities.


As a mother, Maria recognizes that babies in the womb are children. She will fight to protect their right to life, and stands firm in her belief that this is not only a moral issue, but a Constitutional issue. All innocent human life deserves protection under the United States Constitution, and unborn infants – with their own unique genetic code, beating heart, and developing body – are especially deserving of that right. Maria will protect their right to live, and believes the only exception should be if the life of the mother is threatened.

Pro-Second Amendment

The right of law-abiding American citizens to own and carry firearms is constantly under attack by the radical left-wing of our Government. Maria will not let your 2nd Amendment rights be infringed upon. A strong Constitutionalist, Maria recognizes that the desire of the Government to disarm you is precisely why the 2nd Amendment was drafted and ratified – to not only give American citizens the ability to protect their home and family, but to protect their freedom from a Government that would infringe upon their individual and societal liberties. Maria stands for the 2nd Amendment and the Constitutional rights of all legal, law-abiding American citizens.