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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Endorses Maria Espinoza

Maria Espinoza gained the support of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller “Trump’s man in Texas.”  Miller said, “There has not been a more tireless or effective voice on behalf of the victims and who gave a national platform to the angel moms, dads, and other family members of the victims of criminal illegal alien crime than Maria Espinoza.”

He further stated, “Maria has brought their horrific stories to life and in so doing, galvanized the nation about the importance of securing our Southern border and putting the lives and welfare of American citizens first.  I don’t think Donald Trump would be President of the United States today if it had not been for Maria and The Remembrance Project.  I look forward to working alongside her as she takes her message to the Harris County voters of CD-7.  She will make a great member of Congress and will make Texas and America proud.

Maria Espinoza is seeking the Republican Party nomination for United States Congress in House District 7— the seat currently held by liberal anti-border security Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (D, Houston) who voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach President Trump.

As co-founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project, Maria created the movement that brought to light the widespread killings of Americans by illegal aliens 10 years ago.  It was Espinoza who in 2015, brought these crime victim family members to the attention of Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump who made their plight the centerpiece of his campaign.

“If I am elected, I promise to continue my support of President Donald Trump’s America First Agenda whose polices have resulted in the GDP growth of 3.6% and the lowest unemployment in over 50 years for Latinos and women.  His policies have been good for America, good for Texas, and good for District 7,” Espinoza said.