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Kris Kobach – Candidate for US Senate – Endorses Maria!

I am honored to endorse Maria Espinoza in her run for Congress. I have known Maria and her groundbreaking work for many years and am confident she will be a strong “America First” voice in Congress, unwavering in her commitment to our Constitutional Republic. All too often, politicians claim that they are for secure borders, but then they waver once they are elected. Maria is not going to waver in her fight to secure America’s borders.

Maria is one of our country’s most outspoken critics of illegal immigration and the deadly impact it has on many American families. Her determination to fight for America’s borders, safety and sovereignty has been directly recognized by President Donald Trump when he created the President’s Office of VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement). A huge honor by any standard.

I enthusiastically support Maria Espinoza for U.S. Congress.

~ Kris Kobach Candidate for U.S. Senate (KS) Former Kansas Secretary of State

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Endorses Maria Espinoza

Maria Espinoza gained the support of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller “Trump’s man in Texas.”  Miller said, “There has not been a more tireless or effective voice on behalf of the victims and who gave a national platform to the angel moms, dads, and other family members of the victims of criminal illegal alien crime than Maria Espinoza.”

He further stated, “Maria has brought their horrific stories to life and in so doing, galvanized the nation about the importance of securing our Southern border and putting the lives and welfare of American citizens first.  I don’t think Donald Trump would be President of the United States today if it had not been for Maria and The Remembrance Project.  I look forward to working alongside her as she takes her message to the Harris County voters of CD-7.  She will make a great member of Congress and will make Texas and America proud.

Maria Espinoza is seeking the Republican Party nomination for United States Congress in House District 7— the seat currently held by liberal anti-border security Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher (D, Houston) who voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach President Trump.

As co-founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project, Maria created the movement that brought to light the widespread killings of Americans by illegal aliens 10 years ago.  It was Espinoza who in 2015, brought these crime victim family members to the attention of Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump who made their plight the centerpiece of his campaign.

“If I am elected, I promise to continue my support of President Donald Trump’s America First Agenda whose polices have resulted in the GDP growth of 3.6% and the lowest unemployment in over 50 years for Latinos and women.  His policies have been good for America, good for Texas, and good for District 7,” Espinoza said.

Tom Tancredo Endorses Maria Espinoza for Congress

As someone who knows well of the commitment, dedication and stamina it takes in Congress to fight the most virulent opponents of our constitutional right of a secure border, I am most pleased to endorse my friend of nearly ten years, Maria Espinoza, for Congress in Texas’ great Congressional District 7.   Maria is a stalwart for freedom and will guard Houstonians’…and all Americans’…rights from the constant onslaught from those who would choose tyranny over freedom.

Since 2009, Maria’s selfless work as a voice for victims of illegal alien killings and their families, is well known across the country.  You know the victims as “Stolen Lives” from her stolen lives quilt, and the survivors as “Angel Moms, Dads, Wives and Children.”

Speaking at Maria’s 2017 National Conference in Washington, DC, honoring America’s “Stolen Lives” , I was reminded of how significant her movement had become in the election of President Donald Trump.  In the room were family members whose loved ones, they would say, had finally been remembered and honored through the first and only national movement to expose the most egregious horror of illegal immigration.

Maria needs your support now during her primary fight against establishment GOP candidates who will not stay strong once embedded in Washington’s swamp.  As a member of Congress, Maria will take up the torch in support the rights of all Americans and your “America First” movement championed by President Trump.

Please support Maria and elect her to restore pride and conservatism to Houston and all of CD-7.

JoAnn Fleming, Grassroots America – We The People PAC endorses Maria

The Maria Espinoza for Congress 2020 campaign announces the endorsement of Texas-based Grassroots America We The People Political Action Committee in the March 3, 2020 Republican primary to represent Texas’ 7th Congressional District.

“Nobody has fought longer and harder to get justice for victims of illegal alien crimes than Maria Espinoza. She begged politicians for years to pay attention to these victims. She stood with us when we called again and again for a ban on sanctuary cities in Texas. Only one listened – Donald J. Trump. Because of Maria’s persistence through The Remembrance Project, President Trump heard and made the security, public safety, and fiscal risks of a wide-open border real to the American people. Maria is eternally courageous. She will be a strong voice of support for Trump’s America First policies, for Texas, for our border enforcers – and most importantly – for the rule of law! We are proud to endorse this dedicated fighter and urge Republicans in US Congressional District TX-7 to vote for Maria Espinoza for Congress.”

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People PAC

“I am humbled to have the endorsement of a highly coveted and truly conservative major political force in Texas – Grassroots America PAC.   Grassroots America’s mission is to organize, educate, and inform citizens about public policy and to support the election of candidates who share the core values of protection and advancement of God-given liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution, fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets (not corporate welfare), personal responsibility, the rule of law, and national and state sovereignty.” – Maria Espinoza

Claver — Raging Elephants — Endorses Maria for Congress!

“It takes a special person to embrace the pain of others. That’s Maria Espinoza. It takes a special person to make their life’s mission to stop the pain from continuing for countless others. That’s Maria Espinoza. It takes a special person to make the work of their life be a monument to those who we’ve lost to senseless violence.  That’s Maria Espinoza.

Having known Maria for a dozen years, there are few people that I’ve worked with that is a vessel of compassion like her.  Maria’s work with the Remembrance Project, and even earlier, gained her a reputation of caring for the people of America and Texas with deep passion and sincerity.  Her blood, sweat, and tears were genuine.  Yes, she has put her life and liberty on the line for the sovereignty of her nation and state.

A woman of God, her compass is not pointed toward ambition.  She has focused her activism on the will of the people.  You don’t recruit candidates like Maria.  She stays true to her compass which is her soul.

I proudly endorse Maria Espinoza for the United States Congress.  There is no candidate in this public office competition that has the interest of the people of America and Texas more at heart than Maria.  I humbly ask that you vote for her.”