A Decade of Networking, Strategizing & Delivering Results!

Maria will be a “go-to-person” in Congress and will leverage her strong conservative relationships to give CD-7 a voice!  She is not a politician and has proven she cannot be bought. She has withstood The Swamp and The Deep State, and is determined to stop the left’s destructive agenda.  The rest of the nation depends on Texas.  There’s no room for error!  Vote for Maria to represent you in Washington, DC.

Serving Texas Families 

2019 Texas Remembrance Tour – enforce laws to protect Texas families

2018 Drain the Swamp Luncheon

2017 Filed Amicus Brief in support of State of Texas eliminating Sanctuary City Policies 

2015 Testified to protect Texas families

2014 Texas delegates defeated the Texas Solution-the lawless open borders amnesty bill

2013 Testified to stop lawless sanctuary city policies

2013 Press Conference asking for the enforcement of existing Laws

2013, 2015, 2017 – Elected as State Delegate to the Texas State Convention

2013 Press Conference with Sens. Sessions, Lee, Vitter, Inhofe

2011 Testifying in State Affairs Committee

2011, 2012 – Poll Watcher and Alternate Election Judge

2016 Elected as Statewide Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention

Serving Families and ‘Draining the Swamp’

2019 Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Border Security Coalition meeting in D.C.

2019 Press Conference with Ann Vandersteele demanding answers in Fast & Furious in D.C.

2018 Moms Caravan to the Border with Moms for America and Women On the Wall

2017 President Trump fulfilled his promise to Maria by creating V.O.I.C.E. Office

2017 Gave Congressional Testimony-House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security

2018 Met with United States Attorneys on policies aimed to ensure safe communities

2018 Congressional ‘no DACA amnesty’ Testimony by Angel Family in Senate Committee

2017 Met with DHS Secretary John Kelly on security issues along Southern Border 

2017 Attorney General Jeff Sessions mandated US Attys. to prosecute assaults upon Agents

2017 Met with Dept. of Justice

2017 Met with Office for Victims asking for funding to reach those victimized by illegals

2017 Met with V.O.I.C.E. Acting Director, Gen Counsel, & Staff Atty

2015 Angel mom testified alongside Kate Steinle’s father before Senate Committee

2014 Press Conference asking for Borders to be enforced

2014 Private meeting with AG Eric Holder with BPA Brian Terry family re Fast & Furious

2014 Private meeting with DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson demanding to secure the homeland

2014 Private meeting with Chairman Bob Goodlatte on border security & reimbursements

2013 Press Conference to stop the ‘Gang of 8 Bill’ with Sens. Sessions, Lee, Vitter, Inhofe

2012 Stolen Lives Tour of 25 states