Tom Tancredo Endorses Maria Espinoza for Congress

As someone who knows well of the commitment, dedication and stamina it takes in Congress to fight the most virulent opponents of our constitutional right of a secure border, I am most pleased to endorse my friend of nearly ten years, Maria Espinoza, for Congress in Texas’ great Congressional District 7.   Maria is a stalwart for freedom and will guard Houstonians’…and all Americans’…rights from the constant onslaught from those who would choose tyranny over freedom.

Since 2009, Maria’s selfless work as a voice for victims of illegal alien killings and their families, is well known across the country.  You know the victims as “Stolen Lives” from her stolen lives quilt, and the survivors as “Angel Moms, Dads, Wives and Children.”

Speaking at Maria’s 2017 National Conference in Washington, DC, honoring America’s “Stolen Lives” , I was reminded of how significant her movement had become in the election of President Donald Trump.  In the room were family members whose loved ones, they would say, had finally been remembered and honored through the first and only national movement to expose the most egregious horror of illegal immigration.

Maria needs your support now during her primary fight against establishment GOP candidates who will not stay strong once embedded in Washington’s swamp.  As a member of Congress, Maria will take up the torch in support the rights of all Americans and your “America First” movement championed by President Trump.

Please support Maria and elect her to restore pride and conservatism to Houston and all of CD-7.