Kris Kobach – Candidate for US Senate – Endorses Maria!

I am honored to endorse Maria Espinoza in her run for Congress. I have known Maria and her groundbreaking work for many years and am confident she will be a strong “America First” voice in Congress, unwavering in her commitment to our Constitutional Republic. All too often, politicians claim that they are for secure borders, but then they waver once they are elected. Maria is not going to waver in her fight to secure America’s borders.

Maria is one of our country’s most outspoken critics of illegal immigration and the deadly impact it has on many American families. Her determination to fight for America’s borders, safety and sovereignty has been directly recognized by President Donald Trump when he created the President’s Office of VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement). A huge honor by any standard.

I enthusiastically support Maria Espinoza for U.S. Congress.

~ Kris Kobach Candidate for U.S. Senate (KS) Former Kansas Secretary of State