Claver — Raging Elephants — Endorses Maria for Congress!

“It takes a special person to embrace the pain of others. That’s Maria Espinoza. It takes a special person to make their life’s mission to stop the pain from continuing for countless others. That’s Maria Espinoza. It takes a special person to make the work of their life be a monument to those who we’ve lost to senseless violence.  That’s Maria Espinoza.

Having known Maria for a dozen years, there are few people that I’ve worked with that is a vessel of compassion like her.  Maria’s work with the Remembrance Project, and even earlier, gained her a reputation of caring for the people of America and Texas with deep passion and sincerity.  Her blood, sweat, and tears were genuine.  Yes, she has put her life and liberty on the line for the sovereignty of her nation and state.

A woman of God, her compass is not pointed toward ambition.  She has focused her activism on the will of the people.  You don’t recruit candidates like Maria.  She stays true to her compass which is her soul.

I proudly endorse Maria Espinoza for the United States Congress.  There is no candidate in this public office competition that has the interest of the people of America and Texas more at heart than Maria.  I humbly ask that you vote for her.”