Maria EspinozaMaria EspinozaMaria EspinozaMaria Espinoza

Consistent.  Conservative.  Courageous.


National Leadership

President Trump hands Maria the pens used to sign the Executive Order fulfilling his promise to her to create the Office of VOICE to assist the families whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens.  exness mt4

Repel socialism. Elect Maria for Congress in 2020!

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Rallying texans!

"I will become a member of the House Freedom Caucus."

"If elected, I will work alongside Congressmen Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordon, Mark Meadows, Chip Roy, and other champions in the House Freedom Caucus. 

The top two (2) concerns of Americans today are:  Immigration and dissatisfaction with politicians.  These results are not surprising.  The far left liberal Democrats want to replace our freedoms and liberties with Socialism.  

I will work to stop Socialism and the Democrats' leftist agenda. I will work to peel-away the indoctrinating tentacles in our educational system that has encroached upon parental rights and the privacy of our children.  Schools must 'educate' not 'indoctrinate' our children.

I am your MOST qualified and conservative Texas voice for CD-7.

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Thank you and God bless you." exness broker


Your financial support in any amount will help  to effectively reach communities and magnify our combined voices.

Thank you in advance for helping ensure our freedoms and liberties.

Serving The Community


Maria has been on the front lines with her ministry and work with The Remembrance Project, asking elected officials to place our families' concerns first.

Our Common Goal


Texans first. Politicians seem to have forgotten about their voters,  their oaths of office, and the call to serve and protect our futures.

Get Involved


Maria can win with your help!  

Volunteer to block walk, hold a meet-and-greet, make phone calls, or deliver flyers.

You are needed!